Introduction to coarray Fortran using GNU Fortran

Seminario di A.Fanfarillo presso la sala Brunelli di Frascati
Quando 19/12/2014
dalle 11:00 alle 16:45
Dove C.R.E. Frascati, sala Brunelli
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"The Fortran language represents one of the most popular languages in the high performance computing field.
Since Fortran 90, three new Fortran standards have been produced in order to address the modern programming needs: Fortran 95, Fortran 2003 and Fortran 2008.
Fortran 95 introduced functional programming features, Fortran 2003 the object-oriented programming support and Fortran 2008 the parallel programming support through coarrays.

Coarray Fortran allows Fortran programmers to realize a parallel program without explicitly invoking any communication function or directive like MPI or OpenMP. Coarrays make Fortran the only international standardized language with intrinsic parallel programming model that scales to massively parallel platforms.

In this presentation a short introduction on how to use coarrays will be given with particular emphasis on the coarray support provided by the open source compiler GCC - GNU Fortran."

About the speaker:

Alessandro Fanfarillo is a PhD student in Computer Science, Control and Geoinformation at University of Rome Tor Vergata.
He is interested in High Performance Computing and parallel computing for scientific purposes. He is a lead developer of OpenCoarrays: an open-source software project for developing, porting and tuning transport layers that support coarray Fortran compilers.

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